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Products and Solutions

Your process and demand defines the use

The controlled use of AFR has no negative effect on the basic process, product and emission levels if everything is custom-designed and quality is constantly monitored. Here, the focus of services is particularly on the thermal process, the product and the emission, as well as the clinker burning process or in the production of steam or power.

In cooperation with MMe GmbH/ Oelde, we now offer the proven and only certified automatic sampler for solid alternative fuels with a grain size of up to 120 mm.

Using the full potential of alternative fuels and raw materials seven major steps have to be considered:

  • Waste assessment by identification of, and access to the available biomass and waste, and analysis of its chemical, physical and morphological composition.
  • Determination of the current technical situation and have access to existing thermal processes to co-process AFR which is compatible with the process, the product and the applicable environmental standards.
  • Independent design, engineering and implementation of proven equipment and systems to produce customised AFR.
  • Analyse and provide technical solutions for customised material storage and handling.
  • Optimise equipment interfaces to match the material feed to the kiln or process vessel.
  • Analyse processes, quality control and independent equipment for feeding, burner and bypass for example, to identify potential for improvement of the thermal process.
  • Single sourced design and engineering and definition and coordination of supply of equipment.

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