WhiteLabel Competence

Competence in sourcing, pre-processing and co-processing

Service, engineering and supply for alternative fuels and raw materials in the industry

  • Pre-processing plants for tailor-made AFR
  • Quality assured biomass, High Calorific Fraction (HCF), Calciner Fuels (RDF) and Main Burner Fuels (SRF)
  • Quality monitored alternative raw materials (AR) for correction or feedstock
  • Handling and dosing for thermal processes like clinker and lime production, waste-to-energy and power plants
  • Feeding and burner systems for kilns and vessels

Common understanding


Waste, which is an unpredictable mixture of organic material, minerals, impurities, and combustibles cannot be used as a fuel in a production process. The waste has to be sorted and processed by shredding, screening, ballistic separation, by magnet or eddy current or air classification etc.


High Calorific Fraction (HCF): The resulting material (<300mm) is the basic material for a pre-combustion chamber (HotDisc™, PREPOL SC™ or Fire Bed Combustor) or, blended with commercial + industrial waste (CIW) can be traditionally used for further fuel production of finer calciner fuel RDF


Residue Derived Fuel (RDF) are palm-sized tyres (TDF), biomass or fuel processed from the HCF, for use in the calciner (<60-120mm, cv ~15-19MJ/kg) or can be further processed to provide main burner fuel SRF


Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF), in accordance with the European Standard CEN/TC 343, is produced by finer shredding (<25) mm and mandatory air classification to achieve the best physical properties in the defined flame. Dependent on the polymer content the calorific value can rise significantly higher than 22 MJ/kg, and shows best retention time and the highest TSR is achievable.