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Hubert Baier

After studying geoscience and process technology at the University of Muenster/ Germany and at the University of Innsbruck/ Austria. Hubert finished his studies with the optimization of a Flue-Gas-Desulphurisation and its further use, his doctoral thesis on pre-processing and usability of fly ashes from coal-fired power plants. He joined the specialist department at Holderbank/ Swiss (aka Holcim aka HolcimLafarge) for developing high-early strength cement and came first into contact with the idea of AFR & co-processing, which later became the basis for the „Geocycle“ business. After the production of mineral waste-derived raw materials for clinker formation at STRABAG DEUTAG Remex/ Germany, he followed the call to Dyckerhoff Zement GmbH/ Germany (now Buzzi Unicem). There he was the responsible and central AFR manager for all German locations and acted also as an internal group advisor for other company’s locations. At this time, he was actively working at the VDZ Association, and was a founding member of the Federal Quality Association for Secondary Fuels (BGS e.V.), and later also a member of the European standardization committee CEN TC 343 and its national mirroring board.

Two years before the German landfill ban came into force in 2005, it became obvious that a Mechanical-Biological Treatment plant already built at ECOWEST Entsorgungsverbund Westfalen GmbH/ Ennigerloh could not produce the AFs that suit the local pre-heater kilns. Hubert was therefore commissioned to convert this MBT in the shortest time and produce solid alternative fuels, which will meet the requirements of the local cement and power plants as well as for safe disposal. He successfully rebuilt and operated the plant as GM, which in 2006 was the first German MBT to be awarded the RAL quality mark No. 724.

These combined experiences in the sectors of waste management, cement, and the power plant industries were later complemented by mechanical and plant engineering. Consequently, he worked internationally as an AFR expert in so-called „tandem projects“ on strategic, technical, and waste management, re-designing pre-processing lines, process optimization, and co-processing as well as a legal adviser.

Since 2009, when Hubert founded WhiteLabel-TandemProjects e.U., he has been steadily expanding the network with proven and reliable experts.

Since May 2023, Hubert has been appointed President of the European Recovered Fuel Organisation – ERFO in Brussels.

Hubert Baier Ph.D., Dipl.-Mineralogist and Process Engineer
Koernerstr. 44
D-48151 Muenster
Tel.: +49 251 2871 7368
Cell: +49 172 690 6161
eMail: hubert.baier@wltp.eu

Klaus Eichas

Klaus studied mining engineering at the Technical University of Clausthal and subsequently obtained his doctorate in the field of processing technology. After completing his studies, he started as a production manager and quickly assumed responsibility as plant manager, for HOLCIM/ Höver in Germany, and then as technical director at Alpha Cement in Russia and VICAT in Kazakhstan.

He also moved to the German Cement Works Association (VDZ) as a senior consultant and subsequently was appointed to the position of plant manager by CRH Ukraine.

During his various assignments, he was responsible for the continuous improvement of cement production performance and plant organization. He had to ensure maximum overall performance by providing high-quality expert services in the areas of production, maintenance, plant health and safety, process performance, and quality control.

He also built a network in Russian-speaking countries focused on the issues mentioned above and developed relationships with cement producers in the CIS countries. His responsibilities also included international consulting services in the areas of process improvement, equipment selection, and energy and cost savings.

He developed, implemented, and conducted specific training programs in cement production to ensure a better understanding of the production process, and implemented health and safety policies throughout the company. He also recruited employees for a new cement plant, developed employees within the cement organization, and improved knowledge sharing. He also reviewed investment projects to optimize plant performance and improved the coordination internally.

After spending almost 10 years in the Russian-speaking world, Klaus finally returned to Germany and founded his own company, KEconsulting, offering his services and experiences.

He and his office have been supporting the WhiteLabel-TandemProjects as partners since 2022.

Klaus Eichas, Dr.-Ing. Process Engineer
Hahnenweg 25
D-41466 Neuss
Tel: +49 2131 525 1964
Cell: +49 152 5425 8310
eMail: klaus.eichas@wltp.eu

Christiane Dias Pereira

Christiane graduated in civil engineering and law. Post-graduated in Business Management and Environmental Law. She speaks Portuguese, English, and German, and has some knowledge of Spanish.

Presently, she is the Technology Director at TERRA MELHOR LTDA, also the technical coordinator in Brazil for the Technical University of Braunschweig, and a member of WLTP Group. She gives lectures in waste management for several Universities in post-graduation courses. She is also an experienced trainer and teacher in waste recovery, circular economy, and urban solid waste management (e.g. for Brazilian Ministries, Municipalities, and Universities).

She has held management responsibilities in companies focusing on technological solutions and the legal requirements of waste management, it means a strong private sector perspective through her experience as technical director of private companies. She has also participated in and coordinated national and international waste management projects, focusing on climate change, circular economy, and sustainable waste management.

With more than 20 years of experience in waste management, waste recovery technologies, and circular economy. She has, in cooperation with public and private institutions, developed, programs and initiatives covering the development of technological concepts, implementation of waste treatment plants, licensing and financing projects, technical evaluation, social inclusion, environmental education programs, and risk analysis.

In her work practices, there are feasibility studies and design of local and regional waste reuse systems, integration of the private sector, microenterprises, recyclers, and civil society in waste management systems, and generation of green jobs. She is also active as a consultant for the German Development Bank (KfW), IDB, and the GIZ.

Christiane Dias Pereira, Civil Engineer and Lawyer

Alameda Santana 80, apto. 31
Pontal da Cruz São Sebastião/ SP
Tel: +55 1298 2355000

Danziger Str. 75
D-54516 Wittlich
Tel: +49 175 342 6247

eMail: christiane@wltp.eu

Huáscar Pablo Arcienega Barriga

Huáscar graduated as a chemical engineer at the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés in La Paz-Bolivia and began his career at the Bolivian cement company SOBOCE in the department for quality control, where he worked also for a short time as a senior engineer. Ultimately, he was appointed to the overall supervision of Business Unit II, where he worked intensively for a long time on the formation of buildups and rings in the sintering zone at an FLSmidth’s SLC and optimized the pyro processes. Later, he moved to Empresa Pública Cementos de Bolivia (ECEBOL) as a process engineer, where he was mainly responsible for the construction and commissioning of the tkIS technology at the Oruro cement plant 4000 meters above sea level.

He studied the carbon footprint and the potential impact of this plant and could reduce it by 17% by adapting the final design in accordance with the environmental needs. For this study, he was awarded the degree of Magister Scientiarum in Natural Resources and Environmental Management.

Huáscar has taught several courses as an associate professor at the Faculty of Engineering of the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés and was awarded for teaching the course „Design of Process Plants“ in the Chemical Engineering program. He is also an associate professor at the Institute of Industrial Research in the Master’s degree program in Industrial and Business Administration and currently holds courses on environmental management and integrated management systems as well as quality, safety, and environmental management.

Presently he is Technical Director at BIOCENOSIS s.r.l. and a member of the WLTP-group.

Huáscar Pablo Arcienega Barriga, Chemical and Process Engineer
Av. Camacho Ed Krsul Piso
officina 807
La Paz
Tel: +591 71 534411
eMail: huascar.arcienga@wltp.eu

Per Cederberg

Per studied Geography at the University of Copenhagen and finishing his studies with a Thesis on Bangladesh Flood Action Plan, inclusive a three-month field trip to Bangladesh.

Then he started his bachelor’s degree in business administration at the University of Southern Denmark, Schloss studied and ventured out into the world.

Per has a versatile commercial background in selling international technical solutions.

Since 2014 he has found himself in the waste sector, starting as Export Sales Manager for the Danish recycling and waste- processing-equipment manufacturer ReTec. For ReTec he has sold and commissioned more than 10 ReTec bale-openers to AF co-processing cement plants around Europe. Since 2018 he added trading of SRF to his activities under the wings of Norwegian Geminor, until in 2021 he established his own international waste brokerage “R1 solution”.

Per’s focus on WLTP is project development for production and supply of alternative fuels worldwide.

He and his office R1 Solution have been supporting the WhiteLabel-TandemProject group as partners since 2022.

Per Cederberg, Dipl.-Geographer and Business Administration
Sanatorievej 13
DK-7140 Stouby
Cell: +45 2687 2204
eMail: per@wltp.eu

Christian Helmreich

Christian graduated in mechanical engineering at TGM Institute of Technology in Vienna in 1990. He started his professional career as a project engineer for combustion systems at UNITHERM in Vienna / Austria.

Later he changed to the sales and project department for pyro processing systems (kiln and calciner burners, hot gas generators, fuel supply systems) for cement and lime plants. He was engaged in the optimization of kiln combustion systems, and developed technologies for co-processing of SRF at the main burner and RDF at the calciner.

In 2010, he was appointed sales manager at ATEC-GRECO Combustion Systems in Austria to establish a new branch for combustion systems and conducted research on his patented kiln burner for 100% SRF utilization. After the acquisition of ATEC, the new branch was integrated into a larger business unit in the south of Austria.

In 2014, Christian was appointed Managing Director of M.A.L Environmental Technologies GmbH in Vienna to develop and expand the business unit for NOx reduction for power plants, as well as for the cement industry. With his team, he developed advanced DeNOx technologies such as hybrid SCR-SNCR technology for projects where high NOx emission reduction rates of over 85% were required.

To prepare for the planned change of ownership, Christian joined the management of PM-Technologies GmbH/ Gleisdorf as interim manager in 2021.

Christian and his ROCKTEQ GmbH are members of the WLTP-group since 2022.

Christian Helmreich, Dipl. HTL Ing. and Pyroprocess-Consultant
Brennleitenstrasse 62b
A-2202 Königsbrunn
Tel: +43 664 202 1442
eMail: christian.helmreich@wltp.eu

Karl Menzel

Karl received his degree in Mechanical Engineering / Diplomingenieur Maschinenbau at the Ruhr – Universität Bochum in 1980 and started his professional career at Research & Development of Polysius AG in Beckum / Germany.

Thereon he continuously advanced through most process aspects and disciplines of modern Cement Plant Technologies and managed different positions for Pyro-processing, Raw Material Preparation, and Clinker Production. In his latest years, he was managing large integrated Cement Plant Projects on an international scale as Project Director.

During all his time he had a strong focus and fable for Cement Pyro-processing, Fuels, and the combustion process. He was involved in developing and optimizing the combustion process itself and the equipment from Kiln Burner, to Calciner, Heat Exchanger, and Fuel Preparation.

In 2012 it was nearly a natural step to accept the position of General Manager for a newly founded Joint Venture of Vecoplan AG and ThyssenKrupp Polysius AG that specialized in AFR Co-processing namely the preparation, handling, storage, dosing, and injection and co-processing AFR for the clinker formation.

Today he is a supporting partner with WhiteLabel-TandemProjects e.U., the only interdisciplinary network of experts focusing on waste identification, co-processing, and their economical aspects.

Karl Menzel, Dipl.-Ing. and Process Engineer
Breslauer Str. 16
D-59320 Ennigerloh
Tel: +49 1517 266 8446
eMail: karl.menzel@wltp.eu

Erwin Schmidl

Erwin Schmidl

Erwin studied at Duisburg University and gained a Ph. D. in Applied Chemistry. His career started at BioRad GmbH, a company engaged in environmental analysis and biochemistry. He was responsible for customer service and applications. In 1986 he started at Asea Brown Boveri where he initially worked at the research center in Baden-Dättwil (Switzerland) and later at W & E Umwelttechnik in Zürich where he was the Director responsible for flue gas cleaning and slag treatment in municipal waste incineration plants.

In 1993 he moved to RWE Umwelt AG where he was responsible for market strategy and pre-processing techniques. In 1999 he was employed by Readymix AG in Düsseldorf where he was responsible for the use of alternative fuels in the company’s cement process. From 2005 to 2015 he was the General Manager of Geocycle, a subsidiary of Holcim (Germany) AG, responsible for the business division “Alternative fuel and raw materials (AFR), and industrial waste”. Since 2015 on he has been a partner with WhiteLabel-TandemProjects e.U., as an interdisciplinary expert focusing on waste identification, chemistry, co-processing, and their economical aspects.

Today he is retired, but he is still available to us on a friendly basis with his expertise when needed. Thank you!

Erwin Schmidl Ph.D., Chemist and Process Engineer
Sperberweg 31
D-47475 Kamp-Lintfort
Tel: +49 175 181 3088
eMail: erwin.schmidl@wltp.eu