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WhiteLabel About Us

We are

Hubert Baier

After studying geoscience and technology at the University of Muenster/ Germany and at the University of Innsbruck/ Austria Hubert finished his studies with a fundamental thesis to comply with the limits of air pollution control and recycling of FGD-gypsum .

While studying economics at the Open University of Hagen/ Germany he started parallel his doctoral thesis on pre-processing and characterization regarding usability of fly ashes from coal fired power plants. Than he followed the invitation to join the special workgroup for developing high-early-strength cement at Holcim/ Switzerland. During that time he got the first contact to the idea of minimizing the resource consumption by using alternative fuels and raw materials in the cement manufactoring process. After that, Hubert went back to Germany for production of artificial raw material for clinker production at STRABAG DEUTAG Remex/ Germany. A call from Dyckerhoff Zement GmbH/ Germany let Hubert start as a central AFR-manager for all German sites and advisory for the company’s sites abroad. At that time he was also engaged in working groups of the VDZ, the Federal Environmental Ministry and the Environmental State Ministry of North Rhine Westphalia and was founding member of the Federal Quality Community of Secondary Fuels r. A. (BGS e.V.).

Shortly before the enforcement of the German landfill ban in 2005 Hubert was asked to re-design, reconstruct and successfully operated it for additional 6 years the Mechanical-Biological Treating plant of ECOWEST Entsorgungsverbund Westfalen GmbH/ Ennigerloh. Finally, this facility was one of the first German MBT which was awarded with the Sign of Quality Assurance RAL No. 724 in 2006.

As a Senior Expert of GIZ he collaborated on a sustainable use of oil shale, strategical concepts on waste management and pre-processing, quality assurance, optimizing and co-processing in Ukraine, Thailand and Morocco. After return, he became Senior Project Manager – Alternative Resources at ThyssenKrupp Polysius AG/ Germany and won the ThyssenKrupp special “Energy and Environment” innovation award in 2010.

Since 2009, when Hubert founded WhiteLabel-TandemProjects e.U. he steadily expanded the Net of AFR-Experts.


WhiteLabel-TandemProjects e.U.
Hubert Baier Ph.D., Mineralogist and Process-Engineer
Schwalbenweg 6a
D-48291 Telgte
Tel.: +49 2504 933197
eMail: hubert.baier@wltp.eu

Erwin Schmidl

Erwin Schmidl

Erwin studied at Duisburg Universtiy and gained a Ph. D. in Applied Chemistry. His career started at BioRad GmbH, a company engaged in environmental analysis and biochemistry. He was responsible for customer service and applications. In 1986 he started at Asea Brown Boveri where he initially worked at the research centre in Baden-Dättwil (Switzerland) and later at W & E Umwelttechnik in Zürich where he was the Director responsible for flue gas cleaning and slag treatment in municipal waste incineration plants.

In 1993 he moved to RWE Umwelt AG where he was responsible for market strategy and pre-processing techniques. In 1999 he was employed by Readymix AG in Düsseldorf where he was responsible for the use of alternative fuels in the companies cement process. From 2005 – 2015 he was the General Manager of Geocycle, a subsidiary of Holcim (Germany) AG, responsible for the business division “Alternative fuel and raw materials (AFR), and industrial waste”. Since 2015 on he has been a partner with WhiteLabel-TandemProjects e.U. (WLTP), an interdisciplinary network of experts focusing on waste identification, co-processing and their economical aspects.


WhiteLabel-TandemProjects e.U./ Europe:
Erwin Schmidl Ph.D., Chemist and Process-Engineer
Sperberweg 31
D-47475 Kamp-Lintfort
Tel: +49 175 181 3088
Email: erwin.schmidl@wltp.eu

Christiane Dias Pereira

Christiane Dias Pereira

Christiane graduated in civil engineering at the Technical University of Braunschweig and holds an MBA in enterprise management. She has specialised in environment management and waste management. Furthermore, she has post-graduate qualifications in law and environmental law. She speaks Portuguese, English, German and Spanish.

Presently she is the Technology Director at TERRA MELHOR LTDA and President of CReED e.V. in Brazil. She is also the technical coordinator in Brazil for the Technical University in Braunschweig. She gives lectures in waste management for the Masters program in Urban and Environmental Engineering at Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), for the post-graduate course in Waste Management at SENAC-Jundiaí and for the specialist course in Mechanical and Biological Treatment at FESP-SP in San Paulo.

She has held management responsibilities in companies focusing on technological solutions and the legal requirements of waste management. She has also participated in national and international waste management projects.

With almost 20 years of experience in the mechanical and biological treatment of municipal solid waste, she has, in cooperation public and private institutions, developed, programs and initiatives covering the development of technological concepts, implementation of waste treatment plants, technical evaluation and risk analysis. She has also developed and presented training programs for in waste management to Brazilian ministries, communities and environmental agencies. She is also active as a consultant for the German Development Bank (KfW) and the GIZ.

TerraMelhor Ltda./ Brazil:
Christiane Dias Pereira, Civil Engieer and Advocate
Avenida São João, 2375 – Sala 705
Jardim das Colinas
São José dos Campos / SP
CEP. 12.242-000
Tel: +55 1298 2355000
Email: christiane@wltp.eu


Karl Menzel

Karl received his degree in Mechanical Engineering / Diplomingenieur Maschinenbau at the Ruhr – Universität Bochum in 1980 and started his professional career at Research & Development of Polysius AG in Beckum / Germany.

Thereon he continuously advanced through most process aspects and disciplines of modern Cement Plant Technologies and managed different positions for Pyro-processing, Raw Material Preparation and Clinker Production. In his latest years, he was managing large integrated Cement Plant Projects on an international scale as Project Director.

During all his time he had a strong focus and fable for Cement Pyro-processing, Fuels and the combustion process. He was involved for developing and optimising the combustion process itself and the equipment from Kiln Burner, to Calciner, Heat Exchanger and Fuel Preparation.

In 2012 it was nearly a natural step to accept the position of General Manager for a newly founded Joint Venture of Vecoplan AG and ThyssenKrupp Polysius AG specialised on AFR Co-processing namely the preparation, handling, storage, dosing and injection and combustion of Alternative Raw Materials and Fuels for the Cement Production Process.

Today he is a partner with WhiteLabel-TandemProjects e.U. (WLTP), an interdisciplinary network of experts focusing on waste identification, co-processing and their economical aspects.

WhiteLabel-TandemProjects e.U./ Europe:
Karl Menzel, Dipl.-Ing. and Process-Engineer
Breslauer Str. 16
D-59320 Ennigerloh
Tel: +49 1517 266 8446
Email: karl.menzel@wltp.eu


Eugen Bytschkow

Alter Garten 1
56579 Rengsdorf

Phone: +79 (650) 549410

Mobile: +49 (179) 7921842





Vasily Yuferov

9A ul. Naberezhnaya
454084 Chelyabinsk

Mobile: +7 (912) 7999 805