We don’t give smart advice or persuade you to anything – we pitch in!

WhiteLabel-TandemProjects is the only interdisciplinary and holistic network of experts focusing on waste identification, tailored pre-processing, kiln design and co-processing, and their economical aspects. We are an international consortium of freelancers to consulting and engineering, and that can draw on many years of practical experience.

WLTP experiences are in supporting you along the chain from waste to reliable use cycling to cement, lime and power production, i.e. waste management, technical assessment, process optimization, and legal and economical assessment of the current or the intended process.

We prove your concept to establish your business model, do the required preliminary planning and tendering, and coach and operate your facilities.

We avoid classic mistakes in planning and thus in bad investments.

We coach your team in the management of your plant and in the production, use, and monitoring of quality-assured alternative fuels that meet demand.

We feel responsible and make your project successful because we have already optimized and operated such facilities by ourselves, and we know about the pre- and co-processing, the product, and the resulting emissions in your manufacturing.

Our operational experience in the waste management, cement, lime and power plant industries was later complemented by mechanical and plant engineering. We also work internationally as interim managers in so-called „tandem projects“ for strategic, technical and waste management assessments, for planning or implementation of processing lines to meet demand, for mechanical, chemical and thermal process optimization and co-processing, and for legal and financial advice.

But to find the common theme, WhiteLabel-TandemProjects is your advisor for the customized solution for waste management, pre-processing, and the cement, lime, and power industry.

Together we will develop your strategy to save energy and resources and reduce costs.

Our task is to support you with our proven experience in thermal processes and waste management and the knowledge of how the best solution can be achieved at a favourable cost.

Your value is

  • brand independent engineering
  • customized design
  • need based reconstruction
  • avoidance of bad investment
  • practice-oriented coaching

If necessary, we will also stop you from making the wrong decisions… – because we have already made them in our last lives!