We do not give you smart advice
we put it into practice!

WhiteLabel-TandemProjects is an international consulting and engineering company that can draw on many years of practical experience. We support you in the waste management evaluation, and the technical assessment, optimisation and economical assessment of the current or the intended process, your business model, the preliminary planning and tendering, and operation of the facilities. We coach your team on how to produce and process quality-assured, suitable and tailor-made alternative fuels and how to avoid bad investments.

We feel responsible and make your project a success, because we have already optimized and operated such facilities by ourselves and we know about the pre- and co-processing, the product and the resulting emissions in the sectors of power production as well as cement manufactoring.

Seeking in the web or visiting trade shows and equipment suppliers and their references will give you a huge overview on opportunities.

But to find the common theme, WhiteLabel-TandemProjects is your advisor for the customized solution for waste management, pre-processing and the cement, lime and power industry.

Together we will develop a strategy to save energy and resources and reduce cost.

On our “white label” you can mention any project you are aiming regarding cement manufactoring, power production, waste management and waste processing as well as plant and mechanical engineering for in terms of your goals. Together we pedal harder – like on a tandem to reach your goal.

Our task is to support you with our proven experience in thermal processes and waste management and the knowledge of how the best solution can be achieved at favourable cost.

Your value is

  • brand independent engineering
  • customized design
  • reconstruction and coaching
  • avoidance of misinvestment